Why I’m running

My marathon shoes were on the shelf – for good.  9 medals, $100,000+ in funds raised for charity, countless miles, smiles and trials — I was done, d-o-n-e.  Woody Allen is credited with saying,  “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

Last year’s finish line tragedy touched me deeply as it effected our fair city and the entire marathon community.   PTSD reared its unattractive head for the first time in a long time as I watched things unfold on the television – thank goodness it was on the television!  I lost dear friends to cancer this year, remarkable people, while thankfully another one beat it.  And then the email arrived from Dana-Farber asking if I wanted to be on the team again.  “No” was not an option.

So, I’m back on the track, the roads, and getting stronger every day.  I have a big birthday coming up before the big day…I’ll be running as a 60 year old!  Yikes!

Enough about me…check out the stories of my heroes and the link to my Dana-Farber fundraising page!  Thank you.


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