A True Hero: Anne Strong

Gwei Anne Charlie

Anne, Gwei and Charlie

Anne Strong embodied passion and commitment.  She lived her life outloud!  Anne dedicated her life and worked tirelessly for her family, community, and career.

My children grew up in Cambridge.  Soccer was woven into our lives creating community, invaluable lessons – both on and off the field – enduring friendships and rooms full of trophies!  It was such a huge surprise to me when they went off to college what an integral part of our lives these communities had become.  I have Anne to thank for this as a founding member of Cambridge Youth Soccer and all that was created.  Anne coached my daughter during high school and was the coordinator for her while she was a ref for CYS.  I fully believe that Anne created these, and so many more opportunities for all kids and especially young girls.  I am eternally grateful for role models like Anne and feel tremendously lucky to have had her in my community!

Cancer took Anne from the world far too soon; it has sadly touched so many of us.   Her passion in promoting the positive value of team sports, particularly in the ability to empower young women and engender self-esteem, was recognized with a 2002 Pathfinder Award from the Massachusetts Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.  She received a Heroes Among Us Award at a Boston Celtics game and was the recipient of the Germaine Lawrence Women of Excellence award. I think all would agree that Anne’s true reward was the hundreds of young girls lives she touched.*

I will turn the ripe young age of 60 two months prior to Marathon Monday; I will use the countless “marathons” that Anne faced as an endless source of inspiration. Running 26.2 miles is nothing compared to what Anne went through. Running with her name on my shirt, which will be designed by  her daughter Gwei-Gwei, will make all my training more than worthwhile. My personal goal is to raise $26,200 towards our team goal of $5.3 million! (That’s only about 50¢ per step!). Contributing to Dana-Farber in Anne’s name is easy and only takes a few minutes. Please visit my contribution page [Kathy’s fundraising page] or click on the heart to the right to help achieve a future without cancer. And remember that you can submit a matching fund request to your company to multiply your gift to DFMC.

All funds—a full 100%—raised by DFMC benefit the Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Cancer Research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, widely recognized as one of the largest and most successful programs of its kind. Based on a rigorous and highly selective process, the Barr Program funds the brightest, most creative scientists making basic research discoveries that are transforming cancer treatment. Barr Investigators have made numerous major breakthroughs resulting in improved survival rates and quality of life for thousands of patients everywhere.  It is so rare for charities to contribute 100% of the funds raised…one more reason I am proud to be on this team!

Thank you in advance for your support! It really means so much to all of us.

Anne’s true reward was the hundreds of girl’s lives she touched, mine will be in honoring her by crossing the finish line with her name proudly on my shirt.

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